Nodeschool Mexico City

NodeSchool are a series of open source workshops that teach web software skills that an individual can complete on their own or at a workshop nearby.

Cities all over have started to host NodeSchool events regularly, and with guidelines to create your own chapter logo, I decided to jump in the bandwagon.

  • Date: 08.2015
  • Category: Branding, UX/UI Design
  • Project: NodeSchool Mexico City

When it comes to graphic identity, Mexico City's been stuck with it's iconic —albeit a bit outdated— Mexico 68 Summer Olympics logo, which for it's time it was a breaktrough that took it's main inspiration on Pre-hispanic cultures with a hint of Op-Art. However, I think re-visiting this classic would be an unfair representation of my country, which is much more than just a bunch of museum pieces mixed with current trends.


If NodeSchool's standard logo depicts a building, then a building in Mexico City that possesses not only beauty but a rich history and trascendence in the city's cultural history was the natural inspiration for our local NodeSchool chapter.

Using the Palace of Fine Arts felt almost as an instinct, it's also known as the "Cathedral of Art in Mexico" and, as history has proven over and over is that culture and arts are a direct reflection of the education of the people.