Open Collective makes it easy to be transparent about your finances. We help you collect recurring contributions from supporters, whether you're funding an ongoing work on open source software, collecting dues for a parent association, or charging a monthly fee for your food coop. Once you have the money on Open Collective, reimbursing expenses is simple, and everyone can see how funds are being spent. We believe that financial transparency creates stronger collaboration.


Open Collective is perfect for any side project that is not for profit. Side projects should be fun. You shouldn't have to worry about creating and maintaining a legal entity, doing bookkeeping, etc, just to collect money to reimburse your expenses.


Collectives can have multiple branches, more than one administrator and many collaborators. How can I help people focus on their goals instead of their budget management? How can I keep a lot of information from various sources transparent and understandable?


This MVP was used as a first version of a mobile administrator app, it was tested with several networks from Women Who Code accross the globe and allowed them as networks to request reimbursements from their HQ and donations from the public, while automating the process of receiving an invoice.