ROpenSci @ UC Berkeley

Project Description

ROpenSci develops open source R packages that provide programmatic access to a variety of scientific data, full-text of journal articles and repositories that provide real-time metrics of scholarly impact.

While their packages are incredibly useful for their already existing community, growing the number in their ranks of new collaborators was proving to be a challenge since outside their circles they often went by unnoticed. Creating a branding that would not only reflect what they do as a project but the community behind it, would prove to be a very interesting challenge to solve.


ROpenSci is not only a leadership team, but a whole community that contributes to open science –scientific research, data & methods, code & software, and results & publications accessible to anyone– creating a website that would allow you to understand this and encourage you to contribute was the mail goal.


How about a dynamic brand?

A way that can identify not only the project as a group of people, but also every individual behind it.

What if there's a set of icon guidelines? Can these be autogenerated?

Analyze navigation patterns from similar websites

Do some testing interviews with possible users to look for areas of improvement in the wireframes and general navigation.


Using the Delaunay Triangulation algorithm and the Lambertian reflection model, I constructed a really simple to use piece of software that will generate all the files for the project contributors as well as a single icon for the entirety of the project to avoid any inconsistency issues that a dynamic brand could bring.

A website with much more common navigation patterns was the answer for communication. Regarding the searching through their packages a table with search and filters for all of their listings was the solution.